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~ Paranormal Skills

Paranormal Abilities:

1.   Telekinesis

2.   Teleportation

3.   Levitation

4.   Precognition, Postcognition

5.   Telepathy

6.   Clairvoyance

7.   Invisibility

8.   Ability to expand or dilate time and so on

9.   Ability to refract light, to make appearing more than one

10.  Influence, heal, mentaling through the use of breath (pranic, qi or chi, biophotonic, energy, flow)

11.  System negotiator not "buster"

12.  Crystalline Energy Flux (female and male unity)

13.  Crystalline Being or Light Being (rainbow colors)

14.  Tachyon Energy Exercise (dark space expansion, embracing effect like water)

15.  Clairsentient (feeling about, sensing, knowing through feelings)

16.  Claircognizant (light bulb ideas, the feeling of momentary enlightenment)

17.  Instant Learning (download from someone or something)

18.  Empathic (feels the heart needs of others and provides the embrace needed)

19.  Synaesthesia

20.  Transvection

21.  Scrying (divining past, future, distant events in the presence of a mirror surface or mirroring knowledge)

22.  Catoptromancy (mirror gazing)

23.  Crystallomancy (crystal ball gazing)

24.  Hydromancy (solar wells)  

25.  Automatic Writing

26.  Psychic Surgery

27.  Cyclicomancy (reflect dark liquid, like wine or blood)

28.  Onychomancy (seeing the future signs, the reflection, like nails and virgins)

29.  Psychic Vision (Usually indigos, who follow light streams, can tell the course of events in the future. Indigo persons often get this confused with spiritual abilities in the dark space, but true vision is limited for them in the light and it's pathways. Most of us have dreams, spiritual experiences and visions.  These are stories that can be shared with others.)

30.  Prospicience (knowing in advance)

31.  Clairaudient (hearing voices)

32.  Spiritual contact

33.  Add to this list.

34.  Even better, create your own page about these topics or attach files.