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~ Medicine (whole)

Relatives on the Hoops,

Share your Knowledge. Post your thoughts.  Create awareness of herbs, medicine and plants. Healers from all walks of life who practice body work or modalities.  Gift us the path to vibrant health. And our Great Teachers and Prophets, Indigo persons, show us how it's done!  

Moving towards clans and communal gathering promotes us to share knowledge.  You have been gifted these pages to show the world, how much you have to share. 

Heaven needs warriors who are on the path to wisdom, where mental and physical health, greet and meet the heart of spiritual health. We are integrating and becoming a new paradigm.  Wake up to your soul's wisdom and show others, how Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy seek the path that respects all life, where ever it may be in our walking talking dream world. 

Thank you for your heart.  Thank you for your love. Thank you for all the times, you didn't get back what you gave.  But healers, it's time for you to shine, to bring the world whole again. Trust you know what lies upon your heart (soul), where there is a time, when all winds do blow in.  And deep inside where the spirit does flow. We are going to become the wisdom of the southern flow (heavenly darkness). And in the disguise, will blossoms steal the show.  We ask all matter, to befriend (helpers) in need and time. We ask all spirit to show us your mind.  We ask all wisdom to flow into thine, because we are looking for a healthy coat that shines (rainbow colors).

Have fun and enjoy!
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person

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