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Hoops Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Click on Create page and you will find a new page appears. 
Just be sure to "Put page under "Your Catagory" and then save. This is really important.

Name your web page and add content with editor and Save page

Click on
 Edit page 
if you need to make a change to a page you added.  

If you feel a change is needed to another page content.  Please email and bring it to the attention of the Web Master.  You can share on the Hoops at rainbow-warriors-of-prophecy@googlegroups.com when you have uploaded or make comments or if you just need help.  We appreciate the sharing.  

We prefer and we feel it would be best to make a comment or attachment to a page already posted by another at the bottom of web pages. This shows respect, like the sacred bow of the rainbow.
If you get lost, check upper right corner more actions, then revision history.  You will be able to find what you just did. Hopefully you don't lose any data. We bless the sacred nine directions, just to be safe.  Sometimes, for me, if it didn't work, I must realize that heavenly winds may not of wanted it known, yet. Sometimes protecting you too. Trust what you add will be perfect unto you. Just be sure to add links (full) web address if you have added content from other sites. Thank you very much. This helps others in their seeking process.

Please do not use or access Edit sidebar (under the Navigation bar). This pertains, to the pages code and Navigation bar.  The Navigation bar is set for automatic, in order that new posts, will automatically show up. The Web administrator will streamline pages. If you would like to help with this function, please email us, subject "Web Admin".   

Be kind to others who write and be respectful,but do share differing opinion for that's how we learn from each other. Sometimes you may have some trouble with google sites.  And if you need further help, email subject (web address) alightfromwithin@gmail.com.  Realize we work on hundreds of blogs and URL's (web address) around the world. We appreciate web addresses to be shared, sow we can be clear, with a beautiful garden that is so deer/dear.

Your devoted servants, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

We promote the Great Give-A-Way, we ask you don't monetize our web pages!
Suggested Donation for all posts, rather than a fee!
Thank you!